Social Responsibility

social responsibility

At ASC, we are very clear on our responsibilities to society. We are committed to always try to do the right thing, to take a long-term view, to support our clients and customers and the communities where we operate.

We have three key sustainability priorities: Bringing the best wines and wine education programs from the world to enrich the lives of Chinese people, being a responsible company and giving back to communities.

We are proud to have grown with China for ?23 years. We will continue to support China’s social and economic development, focusing our community efforts on the areas of youth and education.

ASC Charity Fund ? ? ?

The ASC Charity Fund is managed by ASC Fine Wines and jointly supervised in partnership with the Shanghai Charity Foundation, a non-profit making charity organization registered under Shanghai Social Group Administrations.

Shanghai Sunrise ? ?

Shanghai Sunrise is a charitable organization under the Shanghai Charity Foundation and was established in 1996. Since then, they have funded over 10,000 scholarships to needy local students. Its mission is to equip disadvantaged students through education to lift themselves out of poverty, achieve fulfilling careers and be inspired to give back to the community. Shanghai Sunrise also provides financial assistance to libraries in under-funded school districts of Shanghai.

Roots &?Shoots ?

Roots &?Shoots is an international hands-on environmental and humanitarian education program that is about making positive change happen – for the environment, for animals and for our communities. Started in 1991 by Dr. Jane Goodall and a group of Tanzanian students who wanted to make a difference in their community, Roots & Shoots is now a growing global program based on the principle that everyone has the ability to bring about change.

Teach for China

Teach for China is a Chinese non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate educational inequity in China by enlisting promising future leaders from China and the United States. The organization operates as a partner of the Teach For All network, a global network of independent social enterprises working to expand educational opportunity in their countries by enlisting talented future leaders to the effort. ASC is a major sponsor for Teach for China’s annual fundraiser in Shanghai.

Included ? ?

INCLUDED is a non-profit organization with the core goal to build innovative community centers for migrants who often get left on the fringes of society.?INCLUDED believes not only that these families should have a safe and clean environment in which to learn and grow, but that they deserve a place that is a unique and special part of the larger human family.