Grape to Glass

As the corporate name suggests, ASC Fine Wines is a specialist in purveying some of the finest wines of the world. ASC represents more than 100 wineries over 1,000 wines from 16 countries, and is therefore able to offer consumers a comprehensive selection of premium fine wines. These wineries include not only multi-national wine producing groups but also the icon family-owned estates. Our close collaboration with wineries enables us to source wines directly from producers. In this way we can guarantee the authenticity and best quality of the products.

All our wines are shipped and stored in ideal conditions to preserve their freshness and lifespan. Once we import the wines directly from wineries, ASC’s advanced logistics system will track the delivery record since the harbor to the shelves in wine shops; our air-conditioned vehicles guarantee the perfect condition of our wines during the process of custom clearing, product delivery and warehousing; and orders are promptly delivered from one of our?6 temperature-controlled warehouses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, and Macau. This ensures that ASC can deliver what the customer’s order, in excellent condition, and precisely when they need it.

ASC is dedicated to invest in technology and tools to ensure that deliveries are made with convenience and transparency using our cutting edge logistics systems. ASC Fine Wines developed our customized warehouse management system; and in order to improve the consumer experience and strengthen trust in our product provenance, we released our new generation of anti-counterfeit label.

The? “ASC Anti-Counterfeit Label” provides each imported bottle of wine with a unique, traceable QR code that is integrated with ASC’s logistics system and paired with the official ASC mobile application. Consumers can use mobile to scan any label to instantaneously obtain detailed product information; at the same time, the new label also offers the latest spectrum anti-counterfeit coding and anti-removal protection material.

ASC is committed to enrich consumers’ life with the world’s best wines and Suntory brands. Our continuous investment in our people, innovative technologies and fine wine facilities are enabling us to meet the goal.